What do you love? Each year on Valentine’s Day it’s nearly impossible to avoid the barrage of hearts and hues of red and pink that flood the world over. Candy and flowers and chocolates suddenly appear in every retailer from the grocery store to the gas station. The signs of love are everywhere.

For the accountants at Huth Thompson, February 14th means we are headed into our busiest two months of the year. The coffee will be brewing on repeat and our computer screens will stay lit as the sun goes down. We’ve often said that nobody chooses this career unless they love it, and that really is true for us. Our passion lies in serving our clients and taking on the behind-the-scenes financial work that rarely anyone enjoys. Many of you will be visiting our office soon to finalize your tax returns, but have you considered whether we could help more than once a year? We have an entire team of accountants ready to be your back office and handle your day-to-day bookkeeping needs year-round. A team prepared to manage all those little things that are stressful for a business owner who hardly has the time to deal with them. A team that will keep your finances in order in real time so that when it comes to gathering your information for your annual visit to our office, you’re done before you even start. If this sounds appealing to you, we need to talk!

So what do you love? Where do you want to focus your time and energy? If you are done watching time tick away as you tackle your business finances, call us today at 765-428-5000 and let us help you get back to what you love!


Thank you!

Huth Thompson LLP