Beginning in spring 2019, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has rolled out a new platform in which state unemployment tax must now be submitted by all employers. The new platform will allow employers full online access to Unemployment Insurance account information, including report submission, tax payments and information on account issues.

Updates to the system changes will include:

  • Employers will file one quarterly report
  • Electronic filing is now required
  • ESS logins will change to a verified email address
  • Fully integrated electronic payment with a free e-check option; employers will no longer have to go to a separate website to pay.
  • Excel compatible file format for easier electronic reporting

In addition, the report submissions must now include:

  •  Employee hire date
  •  Work location zip code
  •  Standard occupational classification code
  •  Indicator for full-time/part-time/seasonal

With these changes, make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to submit your information timely come the end of April! In addition, visit the DWD website ( for tutorials on the new platform to ensure you are in compliance with the new filing requirements.