On occasion, having your books and records audited by a governing agency is a part of being an income taxpayer and a business owner. We have the expertise and experience to successfully help you navigate an audit.

When most people think about getting audited, they think about income tax audits. However, if you are a business owner there are several more types of audits your business can be subject to. Two common types we see businesses get selected for are Indiana Workforce Development audits and Indiana Personal Property tax audits. Both the Department of Workforce Development and Tippecanoe County have goals of auditing every business within a multiple year window.

Even if we don’t currently prepare your income and payroll tax returns, you can supply all the records and we can act as a liaison between you and the auditor. Often times, to make the process efficient and in order not to interrupt your daily operations, we will host the auditor at our office. Ultimately we hope to educate you to help you learn how to be in compliance with the payroll and property tax laws that government agencies are targeting.

Being audited might not be enjoyable, but we can help it go smoothly. Give us a call today!