Grow Your Business with Fathom

Would you like to track your business’s performance at a glance? Fathom reporting is just what you need!

Fathom is a web-based reporting and analysis tool that allows information related to your business to be displayed in the fashion that you choose.

By creating unique reports using Fathom templates, you can easily:

  •   Craft summaries of your monthly data by adding text and observations.
  •   Add charts and graphs of specific data that you are tracking.
  •   Delete charts and graphs that do not pertain to your company.
  •   Compare financial statements to previous months and quarters.
  •   Save a custom template to ensure the same reports each month.

When it comes to analyzing your company, Fathom delivers useful information by:

  •   Tracking key performance indicators (KPI’s) by setting targets and making it easier to track.
  •   Finding the breakeven point and calculating profitability.
  •   Displaying growth through a moving graph to visually see where you’ve been and where you are.
  •   Presenting business trends on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
  •   Delivering an interactive Goalseek section to calculate Price, Volume, Variable COS, and Fixed Expenses that will assist you in meeting your KPI targets.

It is worth noting that QuickBooks Online is not required to utilize this program; however, Fathom will sync with QBO to make your reporting and analyzing a seamless experience.

If this sounds like the perfect enhancement tool for your financial reporting, we encourage you to get in touch with our team to see this exceptional platform in action!