Huth Thompson LLP

Huth Thompson Launches Business Valuation Department

Continuing to evolve its brand as Greater Lafayette’s accounting and business consulting firm that offers the most diversity and depth of specialized services, Huth Thompson LLP is announcing the launch of its dedicated business valuation department.

Led by Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and Certified Financial Forensics (CFF) expert, Tina Gulich, Huth’s business valuation services represent a highly credible resource for existing and potential business owners and their families to gain a realistic determination of the value of their respective businesses.

“These services are crucial for anyone who wants a thorough and accurate value assessment as it pertains to maximizing or protecting their personal investment in a company,” says Gulich. “We could be talking about an estate plan for your family, a contemplated future merger, acquisition or divestiture transaction, a partner or shareholder dispute, a loan application or any number of other scenarios.”

In the process, Gulich explains how clients benefit from the service-efficiency advantage in a firm as diverse as Huth Thompson.

“A major portion of the business valuation process focuses on analyzing a company’s historical financial performance, as well as giving consideration to expected future operating results,” she says. “When accounting and auditing issues, or tax-related issues come up, I have other specialists within those disciplines right here in my office—experts with whom I can address these concerns and corroborate the best way to handle them.”

Huth Thompson also has plans for the department itself to evolve, seeing on the near horizon the further development of its financial forensics capabilities to be more proactive. For example, Gulich anticipates educating business owners and managers about setting up internal controls to protect themselves against internal theft and fraud—a service especially valuable to nonprofit organizations.